▪   Theory of Curves and Surfaces

 Curves and surfaces of AW(k)- type

             W-curves (helices) (in the sense of D. Ferus)

             Finite type curves and surfaces

             Harmonic and biharmonic curves and surfaces

             Helical curves and surfaces

             Tensor product surfaces 

▪  Theory of Submanifolds

             Submanifolds with planar normal sections

             Helical submanifolds

             Finite type Submanifolds (in the sense of B.Y. Chen)

             Semiparallel Submanifolds (in the sense of Ü. Lumiste)

             Semisymmetric Submanifolds

 ▪   Riemann Manifolds

             Pseudosymmetric manifolds (in the sense of R. Deszcz)

             Contact manifolds

             Symmetric Manifolds (in the sense of M. Chaki)

▪  Geometric Modeling

             Organ modeling

             Geometric Modeling and Computer Vision

             Computer Aided Geometric Design